Hoops Who 14-15 NBA Basketball Quiz

The trivia game by NBA fans for NBA fans.

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If you love NBA stats, you’ll love HoopsWho.

150 current NBA stars from the 2014-15 season.

Player cards feature season stats, dunk count and a unique fun fact!

Global leaderboard - take on the world!

In-app achievements for speed, accuracy, hot streaks and more!

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Screenshots of splash screen and game screen inside mobile phones.

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Screenshots of Leaderboard and Guess the Player screen.

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some random monster

4 stars

not bad
clues may be a bit obscure
but you get to know better with repeated plays.
nice collectible cards too”

Sooraj Cs

5 stars

Amazing game.
Good app.”

Zane Velasco

5 stars

Wow. Love It.”